·No need for external power supply, all interactive play is supported by patented technology of power generation components, providing a human-powered play experience.

·Safe voltage generated through user's exercise, to drive the equipment to realize voice changing, spraying, bubbling or other interactive play effect.

·Through a combination of different ways of playing and exercising, to provide both body and mind benefit, bringing a variety of interactive play possibilities to outdoor playgrounds.

Cycling Powering

·Through the external power supply to achieve a better realization of voice changing, spraying, bubbling or other interactive play effect.

·Customized equipment mold, outdoor design, a variety of interactive play with OEM services.

·Break through the limitations of traditional playgrounds, providing rich & modern interactive play experience.

·Differentiate from traditional gearing, to realize a change in the way of movement or play method of the playground equipment through special gearing.

·Having fun and educational, to learn physical principles during the play.

·Low maintenance cost due to careful selection of long-lasting material.

Themed Play

·User-friendly design, with full attention to the user experience, designed and tested in collaboration with professionals from different industries.

·Emphasize on material selection to create benefits for clients with durability and sustainability.

·Whole series of products are provided with full equipped accessories and guarantee.

In recent years, immersive and experiential theme playgrounds have become a new mode of family-friendly tourism destination.
Urban Concept designed and constructed the Hainan Zhonghai Shenzhou Children's Playground project according to the client's requirements
Urban Concept has designed and help to implement a new playground in Hengshui Lake area called 'Duck Playground’.


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