The Interactive Play Equipment ‘ET Clapping Game’ In A Space Themed Playground

The ET Clapping Game of Urban Concepts interactive play equipment has fit ‘Meteorite Village’ project perfectly.

Meteorite Village

This playground is actually the marketing center of a real estate project. As a low-density humanized project, this project is equipped with both a kindergarten and a community retirement center.

Meteorite Village

So it's marketing center in the early stage and will exist and transformed into part of the community.

Meteorite Village

Meteorite Village

The stars, big or small planets in outer space could be an abstracted analogue of meteorites, which represent the mystery and vision of space and the future, bringing infinite imagination to children. This is how the design concept of this playground ‘Meteorite Village’ was set.

ET Clapping Game

To use scenario-based design techniques, creating a complete children's playground in a theme-park-oriented manner.


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