A Bespoke Rocket Themed Playground Equipment in A Space Concept Playground Project

A Bespoke Rocket Themed Playground

In accordance with the client's request, a huge rocket themed playground equipment with plenty of play functions including climbing, sliding, running has been co-created, produced and installed by Urban Concept.

A Bespoke Rocket Themed Playground

The exploration of the unknown has always been the ultimate proposition of human civilization in the vast and boundless universe.

A Bespoke Rocket Themed Playground

A Bespoke Rocket Themed Playground

The project design takes The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the core theme, and customizes the main playground equipment through the key area such as Star Gate, Wormhole Theater, Star River Green Valley, Floating Planet, Nebula Matrix, optimizes the unified design language, highlights the space thematic characteristics, to create an immersive and interesting play experience.


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