Jiangmen Playground - A Playground That Make Children Enjoy Sand Play

The Urban Concept team designed a diverse range of bespoke children's playground equipment for Jiangmen Children's Park, creating a parent-child interactive play space.

Children Enjoy Sand Play

Urban Concept has completed the construction of a sand-seeking dream playground that combines the functions of rest and play.

Children Enjoy Sand Play

Children in the city are surrounded by tall buildings, streets and vehicles. Modernity brings many conveniences while limiting the scope of children's contact with nature and games.

Children Enjoy Sand Play

Children Enjoy Sand Play

Playgrounds serve as a vehicle for time traveling, where children can come and enter a world of fantasy through playground equipment.


Human Powered Play Equipment       Plug-in Interactive Play Equipment

Cycling Powering                                    Sound & Light Interactive

Sailing Powering                                     Water Interactive Running Powering                          

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