About us
Urban Concept is specializing in interactive play equipment and human-powered play equipment, to provide modern product solutions for the harmonious development of people and spaces.

Manufacturing equipment of Human Powered Play ,  Electronic  Play ,

Plug-in Interactive Play, Unique Gearing Play and Playground Equipment for spaces such as outdoor playground, outdoor gymnasium, outdoor fitness area, sports area and etc. We believe innovation, stability, functionality of product is of great importance to the comfort and quality of urban life.

Working with our valuable client, we devote ourselves to create exciting possibilities for safe and eco-friendly spaces that educate children, stimulate childrens imagination, keep people in shape and offer unforgettable sports & recreation experiences to remember a lifetime.

Together with architects, designers and other industry experts, our R&D team works day & night, trying to offer products with unique and exceptional designs.

Currently, our products are actively demanded in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world, providing diversified product solutions for more than 30 global customers.



Human Powered Play Equipment       Plug-in Interactive Play Equipment

Cycling Powering                                    Sound & Light Interactive

Sailing Powering                                     Water Interactive Running Powering                          

Contact Email:info@urbanconcept.cn
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Unique Gearing Play Equipment        Playground Equipment

Mechanical Gearing                               Themed Play            

Hydraulic Gearing                                  Climbing Rope