Bespoke Human-powered Play Equipment - Fairy Bird Spray Fountain

Fairy Bird Spray Fountain

Human-powered play equipment - Water Sprayer is one of Urban Concepts standard playground equipment, according to the clients specification and requirement, its going to be customized and applied in another shape this time, to have a Bird appearance to create an interactive play area in the project.

Fairy Bird Spray Fountain

The project named Fairy Bird Children's Camp, the purpose is to satisfy the parent-child play activities of the vacationers staying here, also provides a good place for the neighboring residents to go for a daily walk.

Fairy Bird Spray Fountain

The design team has set up six core sections to create a child-friendly community for education and fun and also a nature&art camp for parent-child interaction, the project is taking into account the actual needs of operation such as attraction of a themed entrance, park game experience, parent-child interaction, resting at any time and picture taking.

Fairy Bird Spray Fountain

Urban Concept responded to clients request by creating a area that allows children to create fountain by rotating a handle in a Fairy Bird shaped post themselves.


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