A Playground Designed & Built for All Age Group of Children

Urban Concept has been trying to make the playground more universal and suitable for children of more ages to play in a limited space through a more reasonable design.

All Age Group of Children

In Vanke V-Learn playground project, the design team divided the playground into four major areas: Galloping Grassland, Desert Adventure, Forest Classroom and Vibrant Glacier.

All Age Group of Children

There are not only wood play houses and trampolines for small children aged 3-7, but also glacier world for children aged 7-12, as well as growth classrooms for interactive play & learn for children of all ages.

All Age Group of Children

All Age Group of Children

To Construct a series of creative, dreamy and entertaining playgrounds for children in urban space.


Human Powered Play Equipment       Plug-in Interactive Play Equipment

Cycling Powering                                    Sound & Light Interactive

Sailing Powering                                     Water Interactive Running Powering                          

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