What are the advantages of community children's playgrounds?

Children's economy can be divided into education, toys, amusement and so on, and playground equipment belong to children's amusement. Now children's playgrounds are not only found in large amusement parks or scenic spots, but also in our daily communities. What are the specific advantages of community children's playgrounds? Let's have a look.

children's parks

1. Field advantage

Compared with large amusement parks or scenic spots, community children's playgrounds have good advantages. First of all, children who want to play do not need their parents to spare time for the weekend. After dinner, parents can take their children to play. The second is to save the travel time. The scenic spots or amusement parks are usually in the suburbs. When you want to go there, you usually need to drive a long road which community children's playgrounds does not require. Therefore, the site of the community children's playgrounds is very advantageous.

2. There are fixed base customers

In the community, the basic customer groups are relatively large and concentrated. If you calculate the number of children under the age of ten in a community, the number can be huge. In addition to the surrounding community, the customer groups are quite concentrated and numerous. It does not need too much publicity, but also can obtain many potential customers.

children's amusement parks

3. Less competitive pressure

In fact, there are many large amusement parks, so the competitiveness will be relatively large, but there are relatively few community playgrounds, indicating that the market has a large development space.

children's amusement parks

4. The publicity cost is relatively low

Because it is in the community and the target customer group is relatively concentrated, it is easier to advertise for the community playgrounds, even without too much publicity. In the community, neighbors can communicate with each other, which can easily make their own community playgrounds have a reputation, and achieve the most accurate publicity effect at the lowest cost.

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