Product Detail
Climbing Net Swing
Type: Outdoor
Dimension (mm): Customized
Material: Nylon rope with steel core, galvanized steel tube, 304 stainless steel
Occasion: Indoor & ourdoor playground, sports & city park, educational paly area
Capacity (ppl): /

·Through the combination of rope net and post, combined running, drilling, sliding, turning, rolling and other functional movements of outdoor play with climbing, not only exercise the children's balance, physical coordination and creative ability, but also conducive to the children's sense of self-protection.

·Ideal for lively occasions (parks, neighborhoods, supermarkets, kindergartens, etc.).

·The structure of the playground equipment is safe and durable, its design is smart, the color is harmonious, and the combination of various parts of different materials can bring safety, joy and lively feelings to children.

·According to the actual size of the site, to design different types of playground equipment.


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