Design More Play Functions In A Limited Area

Urban Concept has been continuously exploring how to design more play functions that realized with multiple playground equipment in a limited space to maximize children's play needs.

playground equipment

This 500-square-meter mini park integrates more than 10 kinds of fun features, including slides, turntables, swings, etc.

playground equipment

Combined with the original IP 'Stranger Things', this small parent-child park brings climbing, slides, drill-through and other playground equipment together, allowing adults and children to enjoy wonderful parent-child time here.


Human Powered Play Equipment       Plug-in Interactive Play Equipment

Cycling Powering                                    Sound & Light Interactive

Sailing Powering                                     Water Interactive Running Powering                          

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Unique Gearing Play Equipment        Playground Equipment

Mechanical Gearing                               Themed Play            

Hydraulic Gearing                                  Climbing Rope