How about corsair themed combination playground equipment?

The innovative form of outdoor playground equipment has been welcomed by many people. Not only the investors of playground equipment, but also the demanders of different ages need the corresponding playground equipment to provide spiritual joy. Now, customized theme playground equipment have become a popular project in the playground market, and equipment with different themes have different popularity.

Corsair Themed Combination

Today we will talk about the development and design of the corsair as the theme prototype, and the prototype of the corsair themed combination is a "robbery" vehicle, which makes the corsair   equipment more mysterious. Children are constantly absorbing new things when growing up. The unique appearance design of the pirate boat attracts children's exploration interest.

Corsair themed combination playground equipment is available in residential areas, kindergartens, parks and other places, and has become a beautiful landscape. Due to its outstanding appearance and distinctive color matching, the equipment has become a unique landscape in downtown. Secondly, because the corsair themed combination playground equipment include a wide range of equipment projects, not only the slide, swing, climbing rope and etc, but also the themed outdoor play of the scenic spot.

Corsair Themed Combination

The equipment combines the training of "walking, running, jumping, throwing, climbing" and other actions, and is suitable for children and teenagers over 3 years old to play.


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