Consider Human-powered Equipment As One Play Unit Of A Huge Themed Playground Equipment

Huge Themed Playground Equipment

Urban Concepts human-powered interactive play equipment has integrated with a huge themed playground equipment and it has provided more possibilities of play methods to children.

Huge Themed Playground Equipment

Ali is cute, adorable and widely known, and it is also a popular local animation IP.

Huge Themed Playground Equipment

The whole project is themed on Ali and divided into adventure area, natural sensory area, sports area and enlightenment area to mobilize children's twelve senses and match each stage of children's growth, so that Ali can accompany children throughout their childhood.

Huge Themed Playground Equipment

Urban Concept has integrated our Game Panel with the huge themed playground equipment, because its human powered and no need for external power supply, so its easy for us to do so.

Game Panel

And the children will enjoy an interactive play from time to time during their exploration.


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