Human-powered Space Capsule Installed in A Space Themed Playground

Urban Concepts human-powered play equipment Space Capsule has become a unique play area for Eco-town Project.

Eco-town Project

Eco-town Project

The project is based on the design prototype of the Exploding Rat, creating an exclusive cartoon IP and a relevant story line of "Flight Diary" to create a parent-child playground for cultivating children's exploratory and creative abilities.

Eco-town Project

Eco-town Project

The park is divided into five areas: Rocket Castle, Cosmic Airship, Mars Surface, Local Nature Study and Central Lawn, thus creating a high-quality parent-child fun world.

Space Capsule

The Space Capsule has a separate power generating section which is usually played by parents, and the power would drive the Space Capsule to move forward on the track.


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