Interactive Play Equipment Has Brought Richer Experiences to ‘Sky Playground’ Project

Sky Playground

The interactive play equipment Free-walker and Clapping Game that designed and developed by Urban Concept has contributed to Sky Playground project by enriching an human-powered play experiences for the children.

Sky Playground

Sky Playground is located to the east of the Yuntu Experience Center, Hunan province.

Sky Playground

Sky Playground

The project covers an area around 460 square meters, with the Sky as the core design concept, creating a themed park with a full story line to connect 7 different zones as Stargate, Star Tunnel, Starship, Moonlight, Sky Castle, Moonwalk and Colorful Clouds.

Free-walkerClapping Game

The way of how Free-walker and Clapping Game plays coincides with Moonwalk zone perfectly, these two products also provide users with an opportunity to simulate a walk on the moon.


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