Customized Interactive Playground Equipment in ‘Bubble Universe’ Project

Bubble Universe

Urban Concept has its standalone human-powered play equipment - Bubble Machine, this time, were going to apply this concept in a larger scale, to customize a interactive play area of bubble machine.

Bubble Universe

As an open space for children's playground to be integrated into community, the design team created a theme park named Bubble Universe based on the popular bubble element with the intention of providing ‘sustainable fun’ for children.

Bubble Universe

Bubble Universe

A separate interactive play area is requested to be able to create huge amount of bubbles, but without the possibility to bring in any external power.

Bubble Universe

Urban Concept responded to this unique design need by creating a space that provides lighting and bubbling play through the use of human power, as long as the children is stomping on the pedal mounted on the ground, the power will be generated to activate the light and bubble machine at the bottom of the light post.


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