Human-powered Play Equipment in ‘Rubik's Cube Playground’ Project

Urban Concepts human-powered play equipment Standing Sound Wave has become a symbolic playground equipment in Rubik's Cube Playground Project.

Rubik's Cube Playground

Rubik's Cube Playground

The project is located within scenic area called Flowers Sea’ in Anshun City, Guizhou Province.

Rubik's Cube Playground

There has been designed to create three ecological children's park, each park has owned a distinctive theme, the current implemented and opened project is Rubik's Cube Playground that covers 5 acres area.

Rubik's Cube Playground

The designer abstracted the form of ‘Eight Diagram’, with the ‘City Magic Cube’ as the center, radiating outward to form various functional areas: ‘Magic Cube Castle Gate’, ‘Magic Cube Maze’, ‘Music Garden’, ‘Magic Forest’, ‘Adventure Water Park’, ‘Happy Farm’, ‘Colorful Field’, ‘Field Theater’ and ‘Canyon Adventure’.

Standing Sound Wave

The client is trying to find a a musical play equipment that is rarely seen on market, so we provided Standing Sound Wave to make the ‘Music Garden’ zone differentiated, and this equipment has definitely become a popular one among all other playground equipment.


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