What are the popular outdoor play equipment?

In recent years, the internet has frequently burst out some popular places, many of which are on fire because of a certain playground equipment. The novel experience by using the equipment has driven waves of young people, so, many people want to understand the new trends in the development of playground equipment.

outdoor play equipment

Outdoor Playground Equipment

The demand for unpowered playground equipment has increased extensively compared to before. The popular playground equipment has common features: interactive, high safety and experience.

Outdoor climbing equipment

Outdoor children's climbing wall is assembled from hundreds of rock slabs of less than 1 square meter. The slabs can be assembled to climb at different inclinations of difficulty, such as overhead walls, eaves, straight walls and other rock states seen in nature, and fixed to the bracket to create a variety of space shapes.

Customized Themed Playground Equipment

The design of customized themed playground equipment belongs to a typical design of non-powered playground equipment, by setting different game levels, let everyone feel the different fun brought by different play components.

Customized theme play

Water Park Project

Children are very interested in water, which is very exciting. The water park project is one of the most entertaining projects in the amusement park. The slide combination of large water park: derived from human understanding of life and perception of life, life lies in sports, and sports bring fun to life.

Water Park

Educational Playground Equipment

Highly variable to attract and retain children, but also to meet the needs of parents for children's education. It is the most popular children's playground equipment.


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